General Membership Information

October 1, 2016


Officially known as the MBC Partez Rowing Club, Partez is a social rowing club within the Mitsubishi Boat Club (MBC) and is based at the Toda Olympic Boat Course, the site used for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, located in Toda city near Tokyo. As the MBC is first and foremost a club exclusively for Mitsubishi Group employees, those wishing to join Partez and row on a regular basis, must first be accepted as a “special member” of the MBC (a relatively easy process) and pay the relevant membership and other fees.


Main Activities of the Partez Rowing Club

  Regular practice sessions held once a week (usually on Saturday or Sunday).

  Individual training sessions outside of regular practice times*.

*Limited to members who attend the club’s regular practice sessions.

  Active participation in regattas held throughout Japan and overseas.

  Extra practice sessions conducted for crews entering regattas.


Membership Admission Requirements

Regular Membership

  Experienced rowers of adult age residing in Japan who are willing and able to attend the club’s weekly practice sessions on a regular basis.

Guest Membership

  Experienced rowers staying in Japan on extended business trips or university level study exchange programs are permitted to participate in regular weekly practice sessions as “Guests” for periods of up to three months without the need to become a “special member” of the MBC.

  Guest members must however pay the Partez membership and sports insurance cover fees.


  Beginners with no rowing experience are not being accepted at this time.



  Partez meets at and practices out of the MBC Boathouse situated on the Toda Olympic Boat Course in Saitama prefecture.

                            Mitsubishi Yowakai Foundation (MBC) Toda Boathouse

Address:                            1-57 Todakoen, Toda city, Saitama prefecture

(In Japanese)     埼玉県戸田市戸田公園 157

Telephone:          048-443-2627

Google Map:


Practice Fees

There are two payment systems and Partez members are free to choose either option.

1. Practice fees for MCB Boathouse Members

  MBC Boathouse membership fees:       JPY4,620/three-month period

  Partez practice session fee:                    JPY500/training day

*Membership of the MBC Boathouse is optional.

2. Practice fees for MBC Boathouse Non-members

  Partez practice session fee:                    JPY1,100/training day (includes use of boathouse facilities)


Partez Membership Fee (payable in first year only)


*This fee covers registration and use of the club’s private website and mailing list.


MBC Special Member Membership Fee (annual fee)



Other Fees Payable

1. Sports Insurance (mandatory for all Partez members)

2. Japan Rowing Association (JARA) athlete registration*2 (only necessary for those wishing to row in official JARA sponsored regattas)


Trial Period

Rowers considering membership in Partez are welcome to join in our regular practice sessions on a trial basis.

  Participation on a trial basis is generally limited to two regular practice sessions only.

  Trial participation costs JPY1,500/day


*1: All Partez members, with the exception of regular employees of Mitsubishi Group companies, must become Special Members of the MBC.

*2: Partez is a registered member of the Japan Rowing Association (JARA) and the Tokyo Amateur Rowing Association (TARA).